UNICADOSE®: Proposal of the best performance of the liquid single dose :
• In terms of filling rate.
• In terms of economic performance.
• In terms of quality performance.
It is « THE » alternative solution to the different kinds of single doses because of its high filling rate.

• No more glass fragments
• Unbreakable
• Nomadic
• Sterilizable
• Clean filling
• Inerting
• Hot filling
• Color code: Avoids reversal and confusion of products
• Easy opening

UNICADOSE® : Ideal and customizable answer to different kinds of liquids.
Markets concerned :
• Pharmaceutical
• Dietetic
• Cosmetic
• Industry
• Agrifood
• Veterinary

Today, UNICADOSE® is the «THE » alternative solution of the glass vials. No more risks of glass fragments for drinkable contents :
see : blogdentiste.com or security information on afssaps.fr
Answer in respect of the marketing judgement of injectable products displayed in bi-­tip ampoules :
see afssaps.fr related to the bi-­tip ampoules.

•  100 % recyclable
•  The production and the transport of the plastic vials generate 2.6 times less CO2 than the ones in glass (reference : ACV Bio Intelligence Service 2008)
•  Non ­returnable and 100 % recyclable plastic trays
•  Transport’s optimization (reduction in weight and volume)
See the dedicated filling machine on the website : mech­a.eu